How we built the Moscow metro

Xavier Villetard & Anne Brunswic

©.Mille et Une. Films, Arte France, Ethnogeographic Research Foundation


2014 • documentary • 52'

authors Anne Brunswic & Xavier Villetard • director Xavier Villetard • editing Marie-Pomme Carterert • directof of photoprahy  Christopher Morley-Pegge • sound Yolande Decarsin

In the 1930’s, the workers of the underground, headed by brigades of writers, are in charge to write in real time "the history of the Moscow Metro".

Based on their narratives, partially unpublished, the film recounts the first lines construction of the most beautifiul underground in the world, in the light of this "big literary Utopia", stoped by the purges of 1937-38


A coproduction .Mille et Une. Films, Arte France & Ethnogeographic Research Foundation. With the participation of the channels Histoire and SVT.

With the support from the CNC, the region Brittany, the Procirep - Société des Producteurs and the Angoa.



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