Bad Seed

By Bénédicte Pagnot

                                                                ©.Mille et Une. Films / TV Rennes 35


2009 • Fiction • 20'

author-director Bénédicte Pagnot • director of photography Fabien Lamotte • sound engineer Corinne Gigon • set designer Sébastien Gondek • editor Denis Le Paven

Maxime is fifteen and didn’t come home. His father, Bruno, don’t want to get anxious « He just wanted a couple days off !».
Accidentally, he sees his son, hanging around a square, drinking beers with young people, all waiting for their daily clash with cops.
Bruno attemps to get closer to his son…

Coproduction .Mille et Une. Films / TV Rennes 35.

With CNC / Région Bretagne / Région Basse-Normandie.