The salamander complex

by Stéphane Manchematin & Serge Steyer

Aside from the world, an artist sculpts, at his own pace, an enigmatic and unique work. When a great art centre orders a piece, he accepts without renouncing to his work methods. As time goes by, the order doesn’t progress as fast as expected…

2014 • Documentary • 80'

Written and directed by Stéphane Manchematin and Serge Steyer • cinematography, sound and editing by Stéphane Manchematin and Serge Steyer • music Muckrackers

With Patrick Neu and Jean de Loisy

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© .Mille et Une. Films, Bix Films - 2014 / Patrick Neu © ADAGP

Coproduction .Mille et Une. Films and Bix Films.

With the support from CNC, Région Bretagne, Région Lorraine, Région Alsace, Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg, Bourse Brouillon d'un Rêve / SCAM, SACEM, Procirep and Angoa.

Distribution : .Mille et Une. Films